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STD - Short Term Disability 

Short Term Disability Income benefits are often included as part of an employee benefits package but can be bought on an individual basis depending on the state your client resides in. Often individual Short-term disability plans cost more than individual disability plans.

Short Term Disability plans replace income for the early period of a disability. Generally, the plans provide benefits that range from as little as day one protection up to two years of protection. Plans often have a waiting period; the waiting period is the period of time after your client becomes disabled until their benefits begin.

You should know how much the plan will pay for your client? When does it start paying? Will this protect them the way they need to be protected?

If your client has enough money set aside for the short term they should consider protecting themselves for the long term with individual DI protection. If you use a planning process with your client you may find that it's NOT the short term thats needed, it's the long term income protection that needs to be protected.

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