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Why is our service needed? Unfortunately most Agents or Advisors come into the insurance industry trained to sell Life Insurance and Investment products and are never trained on income protection products. While many Agents and Advisors are very good at what they do, their knowledge about the differences in Income protection products is limited. Thats where GFDIC comes in.

Until recent we only worked with Agents, Advisors, Agencies and Broker Dealers. We have opened our services to the public because many Agents and Advisors don't talk about the importance of income protection products. The question that should always be asked is, can you survive without your income?

With GFDIC you have the option to deal with us directly, have us work with your Agent or Advisor or have us find and Agent or Advisor for you. We have Agents throughout the United States so if you want the one-on-one service we can help.

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