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DI 101

Alysia Lim – You Need a Plan

A disability isn’t always caused by a devastating accident or illness. It can mean a health crisis that takes away your ability to earn a living as you always have. That was the case for Alysia Lim’s father. An aneurysm, and resulting surgery to address it, has made it impossible for him to continue working as an emergency room physician. But Dr. Lim had prepared for the unforeseen with adequate amounts of insurance, including disability insurance.

April Holmes – A Track Star’s Life-Changing Accident

After April Holmes lost her left leg in a train accident, she feared that she would lose her home and her dreams for the future. But thanks to disability insurance as well as accidental death and dismemberment coverage provided by her employer, April had the financial stability to continue pursuing her dreams. Soon after learning how to walk again, April began running. Today she is considered the fastest female amputee in the world, having won gold at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing.

Ashley Tew – A Young Nurse Finds New Hope

A disability can strike at any age. At 24, Ashley Tew was just beginning her dream job as a pediatric nurse when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and went on disability leave. Disability insurance helped pay for her medical bills and other expenses. Since Ashley couldn’t be on her feet for long periods of time, she couldn’t return to her previous job. Through the return-to-work program that her insurance company offered, Ashley got vocational-rehab services as well as job-seeking assistance, which helped her land a desk job with her previous employer.

Bill Reid – Survival Instincts, Smart Planning Save the Day

Bill Reid was 32 when a horrific car accident nearly claimed his life. He had to relearn how to walk and talk, and short-term memory loss has made it impossible for him to return to work. Fortunately, Bill had purchased individual disability insurance and had additional coverage through work, which has enabled him to maintain the same lifestyle he had before the accident.

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